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Breaking News: DfD has expanded our service to include fat and calorie content.

Dining out with family, friends and business colleagues is one of life's pleasures, but many people counting  calories, carbohydrate or fat as part of their diet can find this confusing and at worst an ordeal.

These experiences can:

bulletresult in deciding to stop dining out altogether
bulletlimiting menu choice to the simplest items. 

This service is ideal for all people who want to control their diet with calories, carbohydrate or fat. This includes people with diabetes, heart disease and those trying to loose weight and eat healthily.

Dining out can be challenging as the ingredients, preparation and portion sizes of the meals are different from meals prepared at home. 

By offering this service, restaurants and catering services will become more accessible to people on carb, calorie and fat controlled diets.

DfD calculates the calories, carbohydrate or fat content of restaurant menus. Evidence shows that this is a service desired by people and families living with diabetes.

Diabetes UK (2004) estimated rates of diabetes cases will double to 3 million by the end of the decade. Is this a market your restaurant is missing?

diabetes friendly dining promotes healthy eating choices.

Author: Steve Turner.
diabetes friendly dining Steve Turner, 2009
Revised: November 28, 2009