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Each quarter our dietician will write about food matters.

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June 2009.

Does the credit crunch mean your diet has to suffer? Many of us this summer have been hit hard by the turbulent financial world. Sometimes this can mean our typical food shopping habits alter as the price of groceries escalates. For many this can mean opting for cheaper alternatives, making the use of BOGOF offers which more frequently than not are likely to be higher fat, higher sugar varieties. Being sensible with your food shopping can mean you can still afford to opt for healthy options, maintaining a varied and balanced diet. Try to follow these tips to balance your budget and your health:

bulletTry to buy food in season - over the next few months some seasonal foods include asparagus; broccoli; lettuce; spring onions; new potatoes; strawberries; broad beans; goosberries
bulletBulk buy
bulletUse frozen/tinned varieties of fruits and vegetables (avoid those in sugared/salted water)
bulletPlan your shopping list and try to only shop once a week
bulletFreeze leftovers rather than putting them in the fridge.

Feb 2009 Blog

diabetes friendly dining promotes healthy eating choices.

Author: Steve Turner.
diabetes friendly dining Steve Turner, 2009
Revised: November 28, 2009