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Restaurants send the contents of their menus to DfD. Using our analysis tool we calculate the calories, carbohydrate or fat content for each menu item.

Typically you will send us menu contents like this:

Potato and Onion Torte - 4 portions

225g Puffed Pastry

1 Egg

400g Potatoes (Old)

4 large white onions

25g Butter

1tsp sugar

225g Mushrooms

1 clove garlic

This is entered into the carbohydrate tool and the output is presented back:

Potato and Onion Torte: 
49gms Carbohydrate per plate
22gms Fat per plate
455 Calories per plate

We will also make recommendations on presentation of the analysis to improve access of the menu item.

diabetes friendly dining promotes healthy eating choices.

Author: Steve Turner.
diabetes friendly dining Steve Turner, 2009
Revised: November 28, 2009