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20 June 2009: DfD expands our service to add calories and fat content in the menu calculator.

25 April 2009: DfD provided the carbohydrate conversions for the Diabetes UK tea at West Wing, Ickworth Hall

28 August 2008: Page 33, caterer and hotelkeeper article by Ross Bentley on diabetes friendly dining and Paul Wharrier

18 July 2008: Sudbury chef claims UK first - this article appeared in the Suffolk Free Press.


Good luck with your venture, I applaud anyone that is prepared to get off their butt and have a go. .....

Eddie, type 2 diabetic for one year.

I think the site is a good idea. Katherine, Mother of teenage son who has had type 1 diabetes for five years

This would be amazing if you were able to get more restaurants to participate I would definitely use the website. Anon 03/11/2009.

diabetes friendly dining promotes healthy eating choices.

Author: Steve Turner.
diabetes friendly dining Steve Turner, 2009
Revised: November 28, 2009